" A Lakeland Charity bringing fun new events for the benefit of kids education or mentoring needs – after all, It’s Just Charity"

- ItsJustCharity.org

Events helping the community

ItsJustCharity.org was started with the mission to create the change we want. We are dedicated to the purpose of helping our communities youths, and hosting really fun events. As of 2014, we are now also a 501(c)3 designated charity. This means ALL donations are 100% tax-deductible!

Join us in our mission by not only coming to the events, but invite your family, friends and co-workers as well. Our focus is on youths education and mentoring programs here in Lakeland, and that means the money we raise here, stays here.

We are about a community helping itself, and giving the children that live here a chance to see what a great city Lakeland is. Hopefully they’ll grow up into amazing people and help the next generation be amazing too!

Why events?

We like hosting events as opposed to just asking for donations so the whole community can take part in enjoying as well.

Besides, if giving can be fun then we all will do it more, right?

We aim to find sponsors to cover the costs of running these events so that your ticket is the donation. This way, everyone wins and we can keep the cost of the tickets low so everyone can join the fun.

Check out our events page to see details on our next event, and we’ll hope to see you there.